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Whenever highly talented, motivated and well-trained athletes meet in competition, the margin betweenVictory and defeat is small. Attention to detail can make that vital difference.Diet affects performance,and our eating and drinking patterns will influence how well we train and whether we compete at our best.All athletes need to be aware of their personal nutritional goals and of how they can select an eating strategyto meet those goals.

When you suffer from stomach acidity, avoid fried and fatty foods, acid-containing foods and fruits, tomato-based products, Spicy foods, too much sugar, smoking and sleeping right after the meals

Athletics covers a wide range of events which require varying inputs of technique, strength, power, speed andendurance. Each athlete is also different, and there is no single diet that meets the needs of all athletes at allTimes. Individual needs also change across the season and athletes must be flexible to accommodate this.Getting the right amount of energy to stay healthy and to perform well is essential. Consuming too much energyIncreases body fat. If athletes do not eat enough, performance falls, injuries are more likely to occur, andIllness results.

Drink green tea between meals as it helps you fill full, is rich in antioxidants and have no extra calories without added sugar, or honey

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